Modern and traditional, warm and raw, factory and craft – brick is a material of contrasts. It has many incarnations, and when used as a home decoration, it creates a unique atmosphere. It will do the job both in an industrial loft as well as rustic cottage. What to combine it with? We give some hints which doors and floors will create an interesting duo with a brick.


– Brick has been decorating Polish apartments for many years, but now it is experiencing a flourishing popularity. It is often used in the decoration of walls, fireplaces and kitchen islands. It also appears in bathrooms. Although taking care of it is not the easiest one, it does not stop people arranging the interior from reaching for this material. Raw, expressive, and at the same time noble, makes the rooms gain a new quality – says Michał Białas, head of advertising department, Classen.


From a factory to an apartment

Bricks in natural shades of red and brown look great in industrial interiors, inspired by industrial architecture. They emphasize their rawness and simplicity. Thanks to uneven surface and minor imperfections they gain on uniqueness. Economical in form, they look very good side by side with steel and cast iron. They also match well with concrete. In metropolitan lofts, they are eagerly combined with a light floor that exposes the spaciousness of the interior and visually illuminates it. This effect can be obtained by choosing, for example, panels from the Galaxy 4V (Viviero Spruce) or Harmony Forte (Fernandez) collections. Their wooden structure constitutes an interesting contrast and at the same time a background for other materials.


Modern version brick

The whitewashed bricks, as well as bricks in shades of grey and brown will do the job in a modern interior. The former look beautifully in combination with varnished doors in white or graphite, for example from the Linea series. The smooth surface of the door leaves decorated with straight lines represents a modernistic design. Together with the uneven brick wall, it creates a visually attractive composition. People who prefer classic solutions can benefit from a frame door finished with wood-like veneer, e.g. from the Traffic line. The natural woodgrain visually warms the interior. In order to increase this effect, it is worth choosing panels with a palpable structure in a sunny shade, e.g. NEO 2.0 Wood Summer Oak. This combination will create a modernist, yet very cosy interior.


Folk inspirations

Brick is also a material associated with rustic interiors. Its craft origin matches perfectly with the atmosphere of this style of arrangement. The unique texture interestingly disperses the light in the rooms. Sandy and rusty shades expose its friendly, pastoral character. If it is a remnant of ancestral architecture, it becomes more than just a decoration. It allows you to go on a sentimental journey. In this design, it will harmonize well with other stones and wood. On the floor, panels resembling a stone floor can be used, such as SONO Landscape Rusty Secret. This combination will provide cosiness, while at the same time showing the natural character of the interior.


Unmoved as walls

– Regardless of trends, brick is universal and timeless. It does the job everywhere. In a tenement house, a modern loft, an apartment in a block of flats as well as in a country house.  In each of these places, it will bring a warm, cosy atmosphere. Its uniqueness and beauty lies in its imperfection. There are many brick replacements on the market, e.g. composite tiles or wallpapers, while choosing the real one, however, we are sure that our interior will gain a unique character – adds Michał Białas.