Glazing, embossing, milling – there are many ways to decorate the door surface, thanks to which an original touch can be add to it. Decorative elements often determine the attractiveness of the door leaves, which is why the designers are eagerly looking for new solutions that attract the customers’ attention. One of the proposals are aluminum applications that appear in the Saga and Larix collections – in our hot new products.


Smooth, glossy surface of the door leaves combined with the timeless white creates a stylish whole that makes the interior shine. Aluminum applications in a simple, linear form are an eye-catching decorative element that creates a modern finishing of a door leaves.


–  Aluminum is a lightweight, yet durable plastic, commonly used also in door joinery, for example in the profiles of door frames or thresholds. In the latest door collections, we used this material in the form of decorative accents on the door leaf surface. This solution fits perfectly into one of the currently leading arrangement trends, which is the introduction of silver and grey elements in interior design – informs Jarosław Dymek, Product Manager for Doors, Classen.


Aluminum profiles with a width of 8 mm are aligned with the door leaf surface, thanks to which the whole is smooth and even. The rounded edges add subtlety to the applications, and the colour of INOX stainless steel adds an elegant and modern character. Depending on the model, decorative elements differ in terms of number and arrangement, but in each of them they have the same, horizontal position.


Larix line includes seven models, where HDF board is covered with UV varnish. At a special request (for additional payment) it is possible to choose a shade of the door leaf other than the classic white. The rich RAL colour palette allows each customer to find the colour that perfectly matches their arrangement vision.


Saga collection includes seven models of veneered door leaves, finished with CPL laminate. It is a material with very high resistance to scratches, abrasion, high temperatures
and the impact of chemical agents. An interesting distinguishing feature of the doors in this series is the option of choosing a rebate out of three variants: white, aluminum or plywood colour. This detail will allow you to even better match the door leaves to the other elements of the decor and put the proverbial dot over the “i” as far as the arrangement goes.


All models from Saga and Larix collections are available in various widths. They are available in rebated (single-leaf, double-leaf, sliding) and non-rebated (single-leaf) option. The door leaves with the rebate are made softwood, filled with perforated chipboard. They include three silver screwed pintle hinges. In non-rebated version, Classen Hard structure was used, as well as two openings for 3D hidden hinges.


The door can be equipped with a lock for regular key, bathroom key, cylinder lock or mortise (magnetic) lock. It is also possible to execute undercuts or ventilation sleeves. Therefore, they will be suitable not only for a living room or bedroom, but also for rooms exposed to humidity and requiring ventilation, such as bathroom.


– A trend for apartments decorated in the Scandinavian style is still with us. Bright, open spaces and minimalistic accents are very popular. For this reason, we have expanded our range of doors with further options maintained in white, which perfectly match the expectations of customers – adds Jarosław Dymek.