• Classen 3D Look
  • Classen CPL
  • Classen Hard
  • Classen Iridium
  • Classen Primo
  • Double leaf doors
  • Double leaf sliding doors
  • Hard Edge PF
  • Hard Edge R
  • Single leaf doors
  • Single leaf sliding doors

Door specification

Execution standard

  • Hard Edge R door leaf edge profile for Primo, 3D Look and Iridium decors, Classen Hard construction / peripheral frame made of softwood
  • Hard Edge PF door leaf edge profile for CPL decors, peripheral frame made of MDF board, reinforced
  • Classen Hard construction
  • two silver screw-in pintle hinges
  • lock: mortice key lock / bathroom lock / cylinder lock / passage lock
  • milky-white toughened safety glass

Dedicated door frame

Hard edge PF/R:

  • fixed and adjustable door frames for rebated doors


  • Door leaves 100’ and reinforced door leaves regardless of the size – the set includes 3 hinges.
  • No Hard reinforcement in combination with a chipboard or perforated chipboard.
  • Hard Edge PF door construction for CPL decors.
  • CPL – Grigio Oak and Kendal Oak available only for model 1.

Technical parameters


  • Single leaf
  • Double leaf
  • Single and double leaf sliding system


  • Frame profile


  • Safety glass, toughened, white

Additional options


  • Ventilation undercut
  • Ventilation undercut 15 mm (recuperation)
  • Ventilation sleeves PVC


  • Third hinge
  • Full chipboard
  • Perforated chipboard
  • Door leaf 100'
  • Sliding and passive door leaf


  • Bullseye 35 ml - white glass
  • Transparent glass

Color variants

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